Between the 14th and the 21st of May, the hoodies, turtlenecks, beanies and kids hoodies have a 10 days fulfilment time. All the popper tops have the usual 7 day fulfilment time :)


Hi! Thank you for stopping by and taking an interest in my work. I’m Jo-Anne, founder of Surf Coo, Scottish artist, surfer and 2nd generation fleece craftsman.

My shop originally began in 2020 while I was surfing around New Zealand and making digital illustrations in my free time and selling art prints.

Having spent a lot of my 20s experiencing amazing, tropical waves in places like Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Australia and Nicaragua, it wasn't until returning to my homeland and experiencing the much humbler Scottish surf scene with fresh eyes that I was able to appreciate the magic of surfing in Scotland. There is a grit and raw commitment to surfing that coldwater surfers possess that inspired me.

I wanted to create a brand that reflected my roots and that surfers from warmwater but especially, coldwater could connect to. That is when Surf Coo was born.

The highland coo is my ultimate mascot and was the obvious choice to me for the logo and name. One of my favourite surf spots in Scotland has a field of highland cows overlooking the swell- they are the true, original surf coos with the best ever view! It’s the beach I learnt to surf at. I will eternally associate highland cows with surfing because every time we’d pull into the road to the beach, first we’d see the highland coos and then seconds later you’d get your first glimpse of the waves that day.

I’m stoked to contribute my perspective and be a part of the surf community. Seeing people connect to my work and posting orders around the world is really the most exciting thing to me! Thank you for stopping by and I hope you've enjoyed spending a little time in my shop today.



Interviews and Features:

1. Tafmag - April 2020

2. Betty zine Issue 2 - August 2020

3. Slack Tide Volume 1 - November 2020


Find me:

1. Shells Cafe - Sligo, Ireland

2. NOOK Gallery - Den Haag, Netherlands



1. Betty Zine Water Women Exhibiton - 7th-20th December 2020 Allpress Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand



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