Hi, I’m Jo-Anne and I run my Scottish surf brand, Surf Coo on the North East coast of Scotland. Here I spend most of my time surfing in the chilly North sea and sewing fleece orders for you! The name Surf Coo is inspired by the highland cows (coos in Scots) that live at my local surf spot and have the best ever view of the waves here.

My family have over 20 years experience sewing fleece clothing and in 2020 I decided to utilise this expertise and create a Scottish surf brand. Cosy fleece clothing is great for Scottish surfers because it’s quite cold here, especially after surfing in winter where the sea can be 5 degrees! However I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how many orders I’ve been getting from abroad, particularly the USA, New Zealand, Australia and Germany.

All Surf Coo fleeces are sewn in Scotland by myself or my Mum which I think is really special compared to most other brands. Particularly as we start to shop with sustainability at the forefront of our mind, I think it’s important that we know where our clothes are coming from and if they’ve been made ethically and sustainably. 

Thank you for spending some time in my shop today!