We know how important it is to become more sustainable to protect our Planet for future generations. 

Here a some ways to have a minimum impact on the planet, and what we are doing to ensure this:


Reduce Waste:

Where possible we only produce on demand. This means we don’t make our fleeces or print our art prints until we get an order as this ensures there is zero waste. Although at this moment in time we can't produce the tees on demand, we only order our tees in very small quantities at a time.


Watch what you buy (buy less and buy quality)

Investing in higher-quality products and holding onto them for longer is one of the most important ways to combat your carbon footprint as everything you buy has a toll on the planet. We produce quality goods that are made to last. Our fleeces are sewn by hand with quality fleece to ensure a quality garment that will last a long time. Our giclee art prints are printed using the very best high definition equipment and finest materials for the highest quality print, meaning that they last 80 - 200 years before a noticeable change in colour occurs.



Our packaging is plastic free and fully recyclable or compostable. Instead of using plastic pockets for the art prints, we use glassine bags which are fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. The mailing bags we use for fleeces and tees are 100% compostable and meets EN1342, so you can put it in with your green waste. They also feature an extra glue line and we would love if you would reuse the bag.


Travel Responsibly:

Whenever possible we cycle to the post office to fulfil your orders instead of taking the car.


Switch to renewables:

We use solar energy in our studio.




We would love if you could help us reduce your order's carbon footprint by doing these few things :)

Please recycle your packaging. All of the packaging can go in either the paper recycling or the green waste. The mailing bags can also be reused one more time due to the extra sealing strip.

Wash less and don't tumble dry. By not washing your tees and fleeces as often you are greatly reducing their carbon footprint. Tumble driers in particular are one of the most energy consuming appliances. Luckily, fleece is great because it air dries incredibly quickly and feels almost dry when you take it out of the washing machine.

Please keep and use your tees and fleeces for a long time. Our family have been making fleeces for decades so we know that they last in great condition for a very long time. However sometimes accidents happen and perhaps you damage your fleece. In this case we'd love if you could repair your fleece instead of just throwing it away. If you lack the sewing skills that's ok! You can post your fleece to us we'd be happy to repair your fleece for you! Just email us at before you do so we can give you the address and make sure we are able to do the repair. (Please note this service is just for the fleeces).