Hi, I’m Jo-Anne, the Scottish surfer and fleece maker behind Surf Coo! 

The name Surf Coo comes from the highland cows (coos in Scots) who live at my local surf spot where I grew up in the North of Scotland. My Mum opened her fleece pullover shop in the '90s, and two decades later, I continued the tradition.

I grew up in fleeces, they’re my essential comfort after a chilly surf. It brings me so much joy sewing people fleeces to keep them cosy on their own adventures.

Since starting Surf Coo, I’ve been excited to post fleeces all over the world and to a variety of climates, the coldest place probably being Svalbard and the hottest, Hawaii!

Each fleece is sewn with great care in the United Kingdom by myself or my Mum. Particularly as we shop with sustainability at the forefront of our mind, I think it’s important that we know exactly where our clothes are coming from and if they’ve been made ethically and with the planet in mind. 

Thank you for spending some time in my shop today, it means the world to me!